Gary Alan Miller


Supporter, thinker, cross-pollinator, idea generator, project manager. Interested in service design, creativity, marketing and innovation in higher education and student affairs.

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Gary Alan started our conference with a bang. I'm inspired by his talents in staying on the cutting edge. Consider inviting him to your conference. Your members and clients will appreciate his insights.

Amy Losordo, NCCDA Board Member


He always has good ideas and is thinking big picture. Gary never comes with problems, he always comes with solutions. He is also an innovative thinker, presenter and leader.

Ross Wade, NACE award-winning counselor, Elon University


Gary's enthusiasm immediately captured the audience's attention and members were motivated to enact many of the ideas generated during the presentation. I received such positive feedback after his presentation.

Heather Rush, SCACE Conference Co-Chair


What's Your Innovation Style?

If you have difficulty innovating, perhaps it's because you don't know what kind of innovator you actually are. Articulate, then innovate!

New Employee Development

Based on a 2013 study of more than 100 new career services professionals, this session is about creating low-cost, high-impact opportunities.

The Takeaway Challenge

Too often we "lose" the information gained at conferences. This session helps attendees reflect on new ideas for action.

Inbound Marketing: Your Missed Opportunity?

Draw your audiences in with content that will educate and entertain, while taking social media to the next level.

Social Media Best Practices

We all know that social media is a necessity for connecting. But, some approaches are better than others. Are you seeing ROI on your efforts?

Spark Innovation Through Crowdsourcing

Tap into the "wisdom of the crowd" in this fast-paced, highly interactive session to generate ideas in volume.

Storytelling: An Engagement Tool

Stories are memorable and versatile. Improve your advising, your presentations, your writing and more by telling better stories.

Lateral Thinking for Student Affairs

Move from "best practices' to "next practices" by drawing the best from disparate sources and improving in ways you may have never considered.

Select Speaking Engagements

2013 Career Services Innovation Forum

2013 NACE Annual Conference

2012 SCACE Annual Conference

2012 SoACE Technology Webinar

2012 NCCPA President's Forum

2012 Kenan-Flagler Employer Conference

2011 Princeton University CSCTF

2010 NCACE Annual Conference

2009 NCCDA Annual Conference

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Career Counselor Technology Forum

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